40 Days explores some of the cultural and religious practices of contemporary Australian society through a common thread that links them together - the number 40.
The number 40 is significant in many cultures and religions, and is the inspiration for this exhibition. 40 can represent a period of celebration, fasting or mourning as well as purification and the beginning of a new life. Each of the people portrayed in these intimate and engaging photographs is a first generation Australian, and Susan has interviewed each individual about their journey. Their portraits as well as their words bring us glimpses of their culture and their experiences, and help us to understand a little of the circumstances that led them here. The participants in ‘40 Days’ invite you to share in their lives.

Susan would like to thank the following people for all their help and hard work with 40 days:
All of the 40 Days participants, for welcoming me into your homes and places of worship and for sharing your experiences with me.
Wendy Bayliss for her great design work and for discussions about religion and life.
Vanessa Bates, Krystal Seigerman and Margot Jones for editing, proofreading and moral support.
CPL for doing such a great job printing and mounting the photographs